Who we are

Who we are

Origin & Purpose

Abeer Foundation is a registered Non Governmental Organisation & an initiative to create and spread global awareness about the risks associated with travelling to destinations at high altitude.

Greater numbers of people are travelling to places at high altitude each year. Travelling to destinations at high altitude should be exciting, challenging and rewarding. Travellers going on high altitude areas must research thoroughly, plan and prepare carefully well in advance of travel, particularly if inexperienced in high altitude travel.

Tragic, and completely avoidable, death of Abeer Chawla at the age of just 20 years from HAPO in Leh, India inspired his family and friends to start this initiative so that precious lives can be saved.

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What we do

Leh & Ladakh is a dream travel destination for adventure seekers. Inhospitable terrains and dangerous roads, trekking in the Himalayas and mountain biking gets you high on never ending adrenaline rush. There are several things that you must prepare yourself for before planning a trip here; of which one of the most important topics is of acute mountain sickness.

Every year, people die of altitude sickness. All of these deaths are preventable. The environment is completely different at high altitude compared to that at sea. Awareness is one of the biggest hurdles faced when people travel to high altitude areas without much knowledge about the guidelines they should follow while travelling there.

We are on a mission to spread awareness about the risks associated with travelling to destinations at high altitude like Leh & Ladakh.


We are on a mission to promote awareness related to high altitude life threatening situations so as to save lives.


The primary goal of the Foundation is to contribute to the society. Towards this goal, we have identified awareness to avoid life threatening situations in high altitude areas and thus to save life.

Education as a critical area that has direct impact on the economic, social and cultural development of the nation.


Abeer Foundation values organizations and entrepreneurs who possess a range of character attributes which we believe are important to achieving our mission.

These attributes include:

Aesthetic Sensitivity: Bringing beauty and harmony to people, places, and events, and making the commonplace more attractive.

Caring: Having an active expression of concern for and empathy with others.

Community Service: Giving time and talent, with no expectation of reward, to projects that benefit individuals or communities.

Competence: Being resourceful, skilled, and having the capacity to complete commitments.

Dedication: Being selflessly devoted to the cause at hand.

Dependability: Following through on commitments.

Enthusiasm: Bringing an infectious zest for life to everything.

Fun: Appreciating activities that are enjoyable or amusing.

Passion: Having boundless enthusiasm for a cause, ideal, or goal – and sustaining perseverance in furthering or achieving it.

Planning and Organizing: Working toward short- and long-term goals with clearly stated directions, associated policies, and procedures.

Results-Oriented: Achieving tangible, measurable results in a cost-effective way, i.e., social return on investment.

Self-Reliance: Working hard and doing everything possible to bring about desired goals.

Strategic Risk-Taking: Initiating opportunities and taking commensurate calculated risks.

Theoretical Strength: Developing a conceptual framework based on knowledge and information.